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Princess' Edge - Arena

A new erogei beat'em up "Princess' Edge - Arena" is announced! The development is almost complete! Release is in 1 or 2 months!




The gameplay will be similar to "Buchikome High Kick" or "Magical Girl Yuni Defeat!"

Cyber Lily - Enemies Test

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Testing battle system with some enemies.

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Thanks a lot!

Cyber Lily - Platformer Test

Testing the platformer aspect of my upcoming game project Cyber Lily. As you can see this game is inspired by Rockman/Megaman series. Feedback are appreciated!

New Project! Cyber Lilies!

Now that the werewolf has been added to Blitz Angel Spica, It's time to start a new project. It's a Rockman styled platformer titled Cyber Lilies, please look forward to it!

Blitz Angel Spica, Next Update Plan!!

Baraki, The Beast Mercenary!
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