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Blitz Angel Spica, 1st Blog Post!!

Blitz Angel Spica is a H-beatemup or some call it "belt action" game inspired by Beat Angel Escalayer. I'm a big fan of the game that I bought the artbook even though I don't understand japanese. Basically my goal is making a yuri & more serious version of Escalayer.

For a start I decide to make the game pretty small with 7 bosses, 1 miniboss, and 2 types of grunts. Hopefully the game will have good sales so I can expand the game with storyline, cutscenes, and more enemies -like 12 bosses, 2 minibosses, and 4 types of grunts.

Here is some image from the game:

I've released a new demo for the game you can download it in my Patreon. If you like the game & want to see it expanded more please consider donating, any amount is welcomed! Thanks!